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Jakten på en identitet - Här börjar sökandet
Donfos, Bretagne

Avsnitt #11

Deras jakt efter den försvunna bilen tar dem till bortersta Frankrike.


Some time


Some time


It’s in the time you lose
lending a friend your van
or a day in your life
I could have been a guy
you partied with just twice

It’s in the time you lose
together. In the turns
that bend the path
and force us to presence

You are always on your way,
come the day, or the night,
out of a dream, into a dream
where the world is you
and every line absent
Or a world where we
can be, of time lost
and presence found

Always present

Since I’ve lost and found
pieces of me in you, become
the question, not the answer

One day you’ll tell your children,
friends of my children, how uncle
took you to the monoliths, the beaches
of Bretagne, off the path

Don’t go, don’t go to go
Stay and lose a year
It’s in the time you lose

Dikt av Alex Rodallec



Bastian med koskälla och Cumbia i Bretagne.